Thomas R. Dyer, Professional Engineer, Licensed Captain
Providing Maritime Consultation, Naval Architecture, Vessel Operation,
Project Management, and Expert Testimony to Shipyards, Contractors,
Naval Architects, Civil Engineers, Vessel Owners & Attorneys

Areas of Witness Expertise

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Maritime Standards & Practices

Regulatory Compliance

Vessel Design

Shipyard Management

Shipbuilding Standards & Practices

General Management

Project Management

Contract Administration

Change Order Administration

Production Management

Planning and Scheduling

Cost Accounting


Pricing and Bidding

Billing Practices



Shipyard Economics

Ship and Boat Construction, Conversion and Repair Costs

Shipyard Engineering

Fish Boat & Tug Boat Engineering & Construction, Conversion, & Repair

Wooden Boat Engineering & Construction and Repair

Shipboard Noise Control

Lifting &Moving of Heavy Modules

Ship & Boat Maintenance

Fish Boat Maintenance

Tug Boat Maintenance

Pleasure Boat Maintenance

Wooden Boat Maintenance

Ship & Boat Construction

Steel, Aluminum, & Wooden Vessel Construction, Conversion & Repair

Machinery Installation

Diesel & Gasoline Engine Installation

Propulsion Machinery and Shafting Installation

Painting Practices

Piping Practices

Shipfitting Practices

Lofting Practices

Rigging Practices


Vessel Operation
(up to 100 tons Inland)

Rules of the Road



Accident Reconstruction

Civil Engineering, Construction,
& Heavy Lifting

Design, construction & installation of floating civil structures

Drydock & Marine Railway Operations