Thomas R. Dyer, Professional Engineer, Licensed Captain
Providing Maritime Consultation, Naval Architecture, Vessel Operation,
Project Management, and Expert Testimony to Shipyards, Contractors,
Naval Architects, Civil Engineers, Vessel Owners & Attorneys


Do you have a maritime or shipyard problem?
My goal is to answer your questions, and take full responsibility to solve the problem.

My knowledge & experience encompass:


  • Suggestion of practical solutions to maritime problems, based on hands-on experience, backed by superior technical knowledge
  • Shipyard engineering, estimating, & scheduling
  • Engineering and naval architecture at the interface between civil and marine engineering, assistance with marine operations for civil construction projects
  • Aid to vessel owners in finding and managing appropriate providers of engineering analysis and design, and facilities for vessel construction, modification, or repair
  • Networking with my many contacts in the marine industry

Project Management

  • Management of shipbuilding, ship repair, heavy civil, or engineering projects on a contract basis for shipyards, industrial contractors, and engineering firms
  • Representation of owners of vessels in shipyards for construction, conversion, or repair

Vessel Operations

  • Operation of inspected motor, sailing, or commercial assistance towing vessels of 50 gross registered tons carrying more than six passengers on inland waters
  • Operation of uninspected motor or sailing passenger vessels of 100 gross registered tons carrying six passengers on inland waters

Expert Witness

  • Consulting expert, offering career long experience, backed by first class education and knowledge of the legal process. Constructive assistance in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the client's case.
  • Credible and effective testimony enhanced by teaching experience, strong communication skills, quiet confidence, experience in testifying, and the ability to relate to a lay listener.
  • Convincing expertise based on actual hands on experience. I have faced and solved real problems as a key participants, not simply as an observer. I have been a craftsman, engineer, estimator, inspector, manager, owner, customer, seaman, and vessel operator.